My Story

I am currently working on my MFA in Animation at SCAD; the Savannah College of Art and Design. I plan to graduate in 2022. 


While I enjoy continuing my education my love for animation started long ago....


Growing up as an Army Brat I have a deep passion for traveling. My experiences abroad gave way to a love for animation. More specifically the art of capturing the diverse landscapes and cultures of the world visually through storytelling. The film Finding Nemo holds a special place in my heart because of its realistic interpretation of the Great Barrier Reef that I had visited while living in Australia.  

Currently, I am a Junior Modeler at Frame Machine in Santa Monica, CA. During my time at Frame Machine I modeled a hero asset on Mortal Kombat 11 and other upcoming video games.

In 2015 I began my career in the animation industry as a Modeling and Texture Intern at Zoic Studios in Culver City, CA. During my internship I collaborated with other artists to create environments and assets for the television shows Arrow, Blind Spot, Guilt, and Lucifer. Following my internship I have freelanced as a model and texture artist on the short films Duel and Cat and Moth.

I love to create outside of animation as well. In my spare time I like to oil paint and work on restoring my 67 Impala. 

Bronco Stadium
Sydney Zoo
67 Impala
Siggraph 2014
UC Denver